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  • Baek Chun Sushiyama

    13032 W. 14th St. Airway Heights


    A sushi chef can have his fish sent from Seattle or Sydney or wherever. He can have it overnighted to his doorstep. But that’s not good enough for Charlie Yamamoto. To make sure he’s offering the freshest fish, he drives to Seattle every week to personally examine every fish he buys. So you know the sushi is fabulously fresh, and the bulgoki, yakisoba, udon, bibimbop and donburi are good, too.
  • Chef Lu's Asian Bistro

    2915 E. 29th Ave. Spokane - South


  • Ding How

    1332 N. Liberty Lake Rd. Liberty Lake


    Though located in a strip mall, Ding How is a veritable tour of Asia, featuring Chinese, Korean, Thai and Japanese selections on its menu. Check out the sushi that they make right in front of you, or get some takeout that will make you reminisce about standing in your boxers over the sink during your bachelor days.
  • Fisherman's Market and Grill

    215 W. Kathleen Ave. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    They’ll hook you with fresh seafood, but the market also serves seafood dishes from sushi to salads to fish and chips. A consistent bright spot is the sushi menu; try their Dragon Roll stuffed with tempura shrimp and vegetables or the soba salad, which mixes green vegetables with yellowfin tuna, green tea soba noodles and garlic ginger soy dressing. And don't pass up the in-house smoked fish.
  • Fu-Ki Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi

    1500 E. Seltice Way Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls

    Serving both Teppanyaki style cooking and creative sushi featuring the freshest ingredients, this Post Falls culinary destination is an Idaho favorite.
  • Ginger Asian Bistro

    1228 S. Grand Blvd. Spokane - South


    Come here if you want to feel classy. Ginger Asian Bistro, located on the South Hill, provides fresh delicious sushi. Their most popular roll, they say, is the Las Vegas roll, containing shrimp tempura, asparagus and avocado and topped with fresh spicy tuna, sprinkled bread crumbs, mayo, eel sauce and finished with masago (fish eggs) and scallions.
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  • Izumi Sushi

    4334 S. Regal Spokane - South


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  • Kaiju Sushi & Spirits

    424 Sherman Ave. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    With colored glass, fishtanks, and waves on the walls, Kaiju takes dubers to a tropical, underwater location. Owner Frank Ciccone serves up sushi until midnight every night, and a variety of it at that. With classics such as a spicy tuna or California roll, Kaiju also serves inventive originals, like the Oodako, with duck confit, daikon, cucumber, avocado, shrimp, hoisin and mayo. Ciccone mashes monster with his underwater theme, decorating the walls with art from a local artists and tattooist. (Nov. 2015)
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  • Kobe Hibachi, Sushi and Bar

    2819 N. Division Spokane - North


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  • Kyoko Sushi

    334 N. First Sandpoint


    From the black screened walls to the cherry blossom print and Japanese parasols hanging from the ceiling, Kyoko transports diners to the Asian island nation. Owner Gary Lee emphasizes freshness, and this dedication can be seen though the fact that he flies in fresh fish from Hawaii daily. Kyoko serves up more contemporary options as well, including appetizers like gyoza, edamame, and seafood tacos.
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  • Little Kyoto Japanese Kitchen and Sushi

    11050 N. Government Way, Hayden Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    Mon-Fri, 11 am-2:30 pm and 5-8 pm
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  • MoMo Sushi . Wok . Grill

    101 E. Sherman Ave. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


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  • Poke Express

    905 S. Grand Blvd. Spokane - South


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  • QQ Sushi & Kitchen

    1902 W. Francis Ave. Spokane - North

    Featuring traditional sushi and French Asian cuisine, QQ offers delicious rolls featuring fresh ingredients in a casual fine dining environment. Try the Pretty Woman roll, which comes stuffed with salmon, cucumber and asparagus topped with salmon tobiko and scallion.
  • Shoga Sushi Bar

    41 Lakeshore Drive, Sagle Sandpoint


    The decor at Shoga combines Japanese decor and a Northwest lodge-like setting — think kimonos on pine paneling with red linen napkins, white china, black tables and a river rock fireplace. Entree options include the typical chicken or beef teriyaki and some fusion variations like the ⅓-pound Kobe burger with ginger aioli ($11). The Kake-Udon is a savory Dashi broth with sautéed vegetables and tofu over tender Udon noodles ($9), perfect for a chilly winter evening.
  • Sukiyaki Inn

    119 N. Bernard St. Spokane - Downtown


    Sushi, especially when drinking (Sapporo, Tiger, whatever), is not an endeavor to baby around with. Not at Suki Yaki anyway. The last time we were there a young lady was fiddling with her sushi. An incredibly friendly member of the staff came over, added wasabi to soy sauce, took her chopsticks, picked up a piece of unagi and shoved the whole thing in her mouth. The moral of the story? You guessed it: the Sushi chef at Suki Yaki will try to steal your girlfriend. One last little koan for you: Drinking sake is great. Drinking sake by the glow of arcade games is better. (LB)
  • Sushi I

    2384 N. Old Mill Loop Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    Opened in 2011, Sushi I has a casual ambiance and outdoor seating, making it a perfect place to grab a relaxed dinner. They offer takeout, unlike most sushi places, and the servings are generous. Their most famous roll is the Godfather, consisting of lobster tempura, tuna, salmon and masago. (December 2012)

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  • Sushi Maru

    808 W. Main Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    Sushi Maru is perfect for the sushi eater who doesn’t know what to order. A conveyor belt carries little multicolored plates of sushi right past your table, which is ideal if you like to see your food before you order it. Each plate is a different color, which corresponds with a set price.
  • Sushi Sakai

    829 E. Boone Ave., Suite B Spokane - East


    Sushi Sakai offers a delightful atmosphere and delicious sushi, ranging from the user-friendly California roll to the more adventurous Rattlesnake roll. They’ve also got a fine selection of sake — handle with care.
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  • Sushi Yama

    13032 W. Sunset Hwy. Airway Heights


  • Sushi.com

    430 W. Main Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    If you absolutely love sushi — or are a bit on the fence about ingesting raw, water-dwelling creatures — Sushi.com’s diverse menu has something for both the pickiest and most daring eaters, from vegetarian-friendly fare to traditional Japanese dishes. Of course, its sushi (both raw and cooked) is the menu’s main attraction.
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  • Syringa Japanese Cafe

    1401 N. Fourth St. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    Syringa serves up sushi so delicious that those who don’t make reservations often find themselves waiting in line. Try the Spice Duck Tataki, a pan-seared, Togarashi-dusted muscovy duck breast served atop a bed of onions and garlic-soy reduction.
  • Umi Kitchen & Sushi Bar

    1309 W. Summit Pkwy. Spokane - Downtown


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  • Wasabi Asian Bistro & Sushi Bar

    10208 N. Division St. Spokane - North


    Arguably Spokane’s prettiest sushi bar, Wasabi is located on the corner of Division and Hawthorne, just across the street from Whitworth University. Despite the sleek, modern decor, they provide fresh dishes at really reasonable prices. The Las Vegas roll is the most popular. The Spider roll is a favorite, as well as the spicy tuna roll for only $5.
  • The Wave

    525 W. First Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    Formerly Raw Sushi, the Wave morphed from Raw’s Hawaiian-Sushi fusion into Hawaiian-Sushi-American sports bar. Customers at The Wave can bite into a burger, follow it with a sushi roll and partake in the sweet sounds of amateur karaoke, while watching Monday Night Football on one of 23 HD screens. Restaurant workers in Spokane tend to have a special fondness for The Wave: On Sundays, it gives anyone from the service industry 25 percent off.
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