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  • 4:20 Friendly

    1515 S. Lewis St. Spokane - West


    Possibly the most inconspicuous of Eastern Washington's retail marijuana outlets, it's tucked away just off the Sunset Highway in a building that could easily be mistaken for a nice woodshed or small hunting lodge. Inside, a counter full of pipes and concentrates and a wall of buds in packages showcasing myriad strains shows that people hunting to get high have found the right place.
  • Apex Cannabis

    21502 E. Gilbert Rd., Otis Orchards Liberty Lake


  • Apex Cannabis

    955 W. Broadway, Moses Lake Rural Eastern WA


  • Blowin Smoke

    1967 Highway 395 S., Chewelah Rural Eastern WA


    A recreational marijuana shop in rural Chewelah.
  • The Bud Hut

    5602 SR 270 Moscow/Pullman


  • Cannabis & Glass

    605 E. Francis, Suite 100 Spokane - North


    Cannabis & Glass's move to a new location means an expansive new space where customers can peruse the inventory of pot product and accessories lining the walls before ordering their intoxicant of choice, whether it be a mix-and-match ounce, a concentrate or edible.
  • Cannabis & Glass

    9403 E. Trent Spokane Valley


  • Cinder

    927 W. 2nd Ave. Ste. A Spokane - Downtown

  • Cinder

    7011 N. Division St. Spokane - North

    The Cinder outlet on Division keeps it simple. A few shelves hold buds, a few others hold edibles, oils and concentrates. A digital board behind the counter informs visitors of the vast array of strains available any given day. The friendly employees are eager to help anyone confused by the assortment, and the location next to a donut shop makes for some handy one-stop shopping.
  • Cinder

    1421 N Mullan Rd. Ste B Spokane Valley

    Sparse is the rule here, and it's a clean, futuristic vibe. The walls are bare, save for video screens with rotating menus of all the products available at the store, located in a strip mall next to a Curves franchise. Four wooden tables are the only things in the room, and visitors passing them can check out the pipes and various other implements on their way to the counter where they order from the huge menu of products available, yet unseen.
  • Floyd's Cannabis Co.

    5952 Pullman Airport Rd., Pullman Rural Eastern WA


  • The Grass Station

    103 W. Galbreath Way, Ritzville Rural Eastern WA


  • Green 2 Go

    2008 N. Durry Rd., Sprague Rural Eastern WA


  • Green Light

    10309 E Trent Avenue Spokane Valley

    Green Light's rust-colored building sits beside a construction-supply store on Trent Avenue, and the industrial exterior belies the large space inside. Along one side is all manner of pipes, bongs and other tools, while cases throughout the rest of the space hold an array of strains, concentrates and edibles. The budtenders are quick with help and suggestions.
  • The Green Nugget

    1919 E. Francis Ave. Spokane - North


    Blessed with a large parking lot across from a residential neighborhood, the Green Nugget feels like a big house — albeit one with unusually bright green trim. The carpeted store inside has a dorm vibe, abetted by the ski posters, green Christmas lights and Ziggy Marley concert flyers. Cases around the edges are filled with everything a stoner might need, from buds to edibles, small pipes to rolling papers and bongs.
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  • The Green Seed

    412 S. Interlake Rd., Moses Lake Rural Eastern WA


  • Green Star Cannabis

    1403 N. Division St. Spokane - North

    The store located closest to downtown Spokane has another enviable aspect — a pizza shop and bar located in the same strip mall! Visitors are greeted by budtenders who help guide customers through a wide array of strains and edibles. Posters of Kurt Cobain and Notorious B.I.G. dot the walls alongside various pot-related photos, and the glass window where payment is accepted isn't as obtrusive now that the rest of the store is full of product.
  • Greenhand

    2424 N. Monroe Spokane - North


    This shop on a busy stretch of Monroe has a wide variety of products, from edibles to buds, as well as pipes and glassware.
  • Herbel E Scents

    1040 N. Highway 395 N., Colville Rural Eastern WA


    A recreational marijuana outlet in rural Colville north of Spokane, offering a variety of products and accessories.
  • Hidden Joint

    6620 N. Market St. Suite 100 Spokane - North


    The Hidden Joint is a vibrant green shop thanks to a serious paint job on the walls, and sells everything from buds to prerolls, edibles to oils.
  • I-90 Green House

    1611 Smitty's Blvd. Suite B, Ritzville Rural Eastern WA

  • Locals Canna House

    9616 East Sprague, Suite B Spokane Valley


    Locals Canna House has tapped into one pivotal aspect of the culture — local growers. The menu reflects this connection, offering strains from small farms and area growers including Kouchlock Productions, Lilac City Gardens and Sweetwater Farms. The dispensary is open daily with a rotating list of specials, including "Sativa Sunday" with strain specials — and earlier business hours — for football season. Inside, the dispensary is rustic yet industrial chic, with stained concrete floors, custom-built alderwood cabinets and chrome accents.
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  • Lovely Buds

    4107 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane - East


    Something to offer for any cannabis enthusiast, from edibles to buds to concentrates.
  • Lucid

    11414 N. Newport Highway Spokane - North


  • Lucid Cheney

    1845 First Ave. Cheney


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