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  • Airway Heights Community Center

    13120 W. 13th Ave. Airway Heights


  • Airway Heights Farmers Market

    HWY 2 Lundstrom St. Airway Heights


  • Airway Heights Library

    1213 S. Lundstrom St. Airway Heights


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  • Atilano's

    12210 N. Division St., Spokane Airway Heights


    Atilano’s has gone through a couple of changes since its January 2009 opening, but they still serve damn good California-style burritos for damn cheap prices. And they’re open until 3 am at the downtown location on Fridays and Saturdays, making them close to heaven at the end of a long night of drinking. (July 2013)
  • Baek Chun Sushiyama

    13032 W. 14th St. Airway Heights


    A sushi chef can have his fish sent from Seattle or Sydney or wherever. He can have it overnighted to his doorstep. But that’s not good enough for Charlie Yamamoto. To make sure he’s offering the freshest fish, he drives to Seattle every week to personally examine every fish he buys. So you know the sushi is fabulously fresh, and the bulgoki, yakisoba, udon, bibimbop and donburi are good, too.
  • Baja Mexican Restaurant

    116 S. Lefevre St., Medical Lake Airway Heights


    Baja Mexican Restaurant has some humongous burritos with an equally humongous five-page menu — from cheese nachos ($5.50) and fajita quesadilla ($9.50) appetizers to standard entrées like carne asada and some not-so-run-of-the-mill menu entries like the massive Vegi-Macho Burrito, stuffed with mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, broccoli, baby corn and white rice. (July 2013)
  • Buckhorn Inn

    13311 W. Sunset Hwy. Airway Heights


    The roadside diner beckons from the outside with a faux log cabin exterior and promises of dancing. Inside, there's no dancing -- just a few tired people eating typical, tired diner food under the glass eyes of a few hunting trophies. The food is nothing special; it's dependable diner fare. (CJ)
  • EPIC

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    In June 2013, Northern Quest’s sports bar, the Q, was gutted, rebooted and injected with a big dose of — you guessed it — epicness. The massive 10-by-30-foot TV still stretches over the top of the bar, but everything else is new — from the bar back to cushy chairs to a couple of 12-person booths and a dark, woody color scheme.
  • Fairchild Air Force Base

    n/a Airway Heights


  • Fireside Lounge

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    Start or end your night at the Quest at this decidedly swanky lounge on the hotel side of Northern Quest. The modern fireplace, intimate seating groups and attentive yet unobtrusive service create a romantic ambiance. Order a nibble — a nice selection of small plates and desserts are available — and a cocktail and know that if you don’t want to go home, you don’t have to. Luxurious hotel suites await upstairs. (July 2013)
  • Grandma Jai's Excellent Thai

    12526 W. Sunset Highway Airway Heights


    Jovial and attentive, Grandma Jai serves the usual palette of Thai fare, from ginger rice to pad thai ($10). Spice-ophiles will be glad to know that, in addition to choosing the heat level of the dish, dinner is accompanied by three condiment jars with tiny spoons: dried Thai chili flakes, pickled Thai chilies and Thai chilies pounded into a paste with fish sauce. (February 2012)
  • Hicks Open Market

    12435 W. 13th Ave. Airway Heights


  • Hilton Garden Inn

    9015 W. Hwy. 2, Spokane Airway Heights


  • Hong Kong Restaurant & Lounge

    13614 W. 12th Ave. Airway Heights


    There's a distinctly lounge-lizard vibe to this place, right down to the fading scent of cigarette smoke from years past. It's a nice place for couples and groups of people — a family dinner goes for $15 total, at the most — to soak in cheap beer and cheap Chinese food.
  • House of Seoul

    12721 W. 14th Ave. Airway Heights


    It's an odd location, away from the street on the backside of a building that looks like it should house offices, but the food is authentic and the service is friendly. Inside, it's quiet -- a good place for conversation over kimchi and other spicy delights. (CJ)
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  • Impulse

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    If you need a break from the slot machines or need to work off that big meal you indulged in at one of Northern Quest’s restaurants, head to Impulse, the resort’s nightclub. Step up to the big horseshoe bar or get out on the dance floor during karaoke or DJ nights, then head back out to the casino floor for some more action. (July 2013)
  • Lai Lai Garden

    13008 W. Sunset Hwy. Airway Heights


    Something about Lai Lai Garden makes it feel like the Shari's of Chinese restaurants -- maybe it's the plastic plants, or the smell of food made in a hurry. Lai Lai Garden serves Chinese and American food, both cheap and fairly decent taste-wise. Hot plate meals are especially good. (CJ)
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  • Legends of Fire

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    This is the only true cigar bar in the region and Northern Quest has taken advantage of that fact with this throwback lounge. Low lights, low chairs, a swank bar with deep reserves of whiskey, scotch, and cognac. And, oh, that smell. Cigarettes aren’t allowed, but the warm, earthy aroma of fine cigars is everywhere.
  • Liquid

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    This is a classy cocktail bar, with two big glass ribbons projecting slowly cascading digital waterfalls and a beautiful, three-dimensional topo map projecting upward to the ceiling located in the middle of the Northern Quest Casino. Sit down for a drink and play one of the video slot machines built into the bar.
  • Masselow's Steakhouse

    100 N. Hayford Rd. Airway Heights


    Masselow’s is the only Eastern Washington restaurant to have ever received AAA’s Four Diamond Award, an honor earned by stringent attention to detail. Every detail. The decor is beautiful, without being stuffy or pretentious. The food is carefully (and locally) sourced. The service is unparalled. And the complimentary fry bread is a lovely nod to the rich Native American history in our region.
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  • Medical Lake Park

    n/a, Medical Lake Airway Heights

  • National Weather Service

    2610 N. Rambo Rd. Airway Heights


  • Nirvana Cannabis Company

    11980 W. Sunset Hwy Airway Heights


  • One

    123, asdf Airway Heights


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