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  • Rick's Ringside Pub

    921 W. Garland Ave. Spokane - North


    If there’s anything better with a bar than good food, it’s a bar with good food within walking distance. Rick’s is to the Garland District what the Elk is to Browne’s Addition: casual and smack dab in the middle of a residential area. It’s a classy dive with pool, ping pong and food competitive to the big daddy of Spokane bar food, the Swinging Doors. (BT)
  • Rico's

    200 E. Main St. Moscow/Pullman


    Usually a bar is a place to gather with friends and drink. Rico’s book-lined interior, however, gives students a study spot and an excuse to study under the influence. If you prefer to keep your nightlife and work life separate, there is also live jazz music and an ever-changing beer selection. (July 2013)
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  • The Riff

    215 W. Main Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    Riff is the definition of a hole-in-the-wall bar in more ways than one. The cheap beer, small venue, and rock-and-roll posters seem to be dead giveaways. If you’re into PBR, Jimi Hendrix, and a bar where everyone knows your name, check it out. (July 2013)
  • Rock City Grill

    2911 E. 57th Ave. Spokane - South


    The restaurant plans to reopen on the South Hill, in the former Famous Ed's location, on July 10.
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  • Satellite Diner & Lounge

    425 W. Sprague Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    On your best nights, the nights where you really have fun, this is your last and final stop. This is where you stumble in, tired, maybe a little tipsy, at 2:30 am (it’s open until 4) and eat what you’ve been craving. Pancakes. Omelets. Buffalo chicken wraps. The Steamer burger. If you dare, dive into the extreme menu, including The Billy Breen, a bacon burger with grilled cheese sandwiches for buns.
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  • The Screaming Yak

    118 W. Francis Ave. Spokane - North


    With wings so hot they could make a yak scream, this North Side staple is a straightforward sports bar, with TVs, pool, videogames and pull tabs. Try the Screamin’ Demon wings, but only if you dare. You need to sign a waiver before you attempt to consume these bad boys. If you can’t take the heat, try the sliders or their decidedly upscale burgers. (July 2013)
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  • Snoops Saloon

    805 E. Rosewood Ave. Spokane - North


    The king of north-side parking lot bars, this is a serious pool hall with radical people-watching (Ex-convicts? Hustlers? Maybe!), along with spirited bartenders who will give a piece of their minds to anyone needing to be called out. (BT)
  • Soulful Soups & Spirits

    117 N. Howard St. Spokane - Downtown


    Two words: beer bread. Soulful Soups is a place with — you guessed it — original soups on rotation, and earns high marks for its exceptionally soft and tasty beer bread. Closed for a few hours in the late afternoon, this spot reopens in the evening as a fully stocked bar. (July 2013)
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  • South Fork Public House

    1680 S. Grand Ave. Moscow/Pullman


    American College towns aren’t typically known for their classy restaurants with high-quality customer service and a commitment to hospitality. South Fork breaks that mold. Try the Cougar Gold Mac & Cheese, which uses a local and delicious favorite ingredient, and don’t forget to pay the full bar a visit. (July 2013)
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  • South Perry Pizza

    1011 S. Perry St Spokane - East


    It’s hard to believe. Little more than three years ago, South Perry Pizza became the first full-service dinner restaurant in the neighborhood, spearheading its transformation into a vibrant destination. From the minimalist interior to a menu that covers the basics, simplicity is their mantra. And it works. Classic thin crust pies such as the house pizza ($14) — which features pepperoni, mushrooms, sausage and caramelized onions — satisfy the traditionalists, while the mascarpone-based prosciutto pizza ($14) is more reminiscent of its European counterparts. (July 2013)
  • Spencer's for Steaks & Chops

    322 N. Spokane Falls Ct. Spokane - Downtown


    Steak Spencer’s delivers top-notch, no-nonsense food in a decidedly elegant setting. They use the highest quality dry-aged USDA Prime cuts and cook them at temperatures up to 1,600 degrees to sear in the juices. The filet is so tender, you almost don’t need a knife. The strawberry shortcake gives you the most bang for your buck. (July 2013)
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  • Sportsman's Cafe & Lounge

    6410 N. Market St. Spokane - North


    What started in the 1950s as Morgan Acre’s Country Club continues on today, 60 years later, as the Sportsman Café and Lounge. They’ve got home-style food that keeps the regulars coming (sometimes for all three meals a day), and a lively lounge with a wide selection of wines by the glass and beer on tap, along with cocktails to order. Laid-back, unpretentious fun. (TM)
  • Stacks at Steam Plant

    159 S. Lincoln St. Spokane - Downtown


    You could argue that Stacks at Steam Plant is Spokane’s most iconic restaurant: what other eatery has giant smokestacks sprouting from the top of it? There’s a range of steak, fish, poultry and pasta dishes on the menu and, of course, lots of beer-infused recipes, inspired by its on-site craft brewing operation, Steam Plant Brewing Co. (July 2013)
  • The Star Restaurant & Lounge

    1329 N. Hamilton St. Spokane - North


    This is the closest most Gonzaga students will ever actually get to interacting with real people while in Spokane. Yeah, get a few spritzers in them and the Malibu types and trustafarians absolutely love slumming in this dark, wood-paneled joint with a neon lighting scheme out of Cocktail. They'll mock the Spokies for their spokieness as patron after patron steps up to karaoke and belt out one of Garth Brooks' extensive hits. The treat for you, dear reader, is that you can enjoy the unpretentious atmosphere, or you can mock GU's finest. You'll know them in winter by the excessive North Face fleecing.
  • Steelhead Bar & Grille

    218 N. Howard St. Spokane - Downtown


    With good prices, better burgers and fantastic shoestring fries, the Steelhead has long been considered one of the cornerstones in downtown Spokane’s dining scene. The menu also features seafood and other entrees. From 3-6 pm, world-weary 9-to-5ers are known to congregate over a $2.50 pint (or $5 schooner if it’s been an especially hard day) for happy hour. (July 2013)
  • Stubblefields Bar

    600 NE Colorado St. Moscow/Pullman


    This is a place that happily labels itself as “crazy.” Also, they claim to have the “longest happy hour in the Palouse.” Stubblefields will satisfy your need for cheap beer, sports, and lots of music. Pick a random night to visit, and you could stumble onto one of their costume parties.
  • Studio K Bar on Regal

    4508 S. Regal St. Spokane - South


    You know that saying, “nothing good happens after midnight?” So true at Studio K. This South Hill dive isn’t good after midnight — it’s awesome. Pop in for cheap drinks, cheap food and some of the best people-watching you’ll find, thanks to the K’s digital jukebox, its epic catalog of songs and the fearless karaoke singers holding the mic.
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  • Sukiyaki Inn

    119 N. Bernard St. Spokane - Downtown


    Sushi, especially when drinking (Sapporo, Tiger, whatever), is not an endeavor to baby around with. Not at Suki Yaki anyway. The last time we were there a young lady was fiddling with her sushi. An incredibly friendly member of the staff came over, added wasabi to soy sauce, took her chopsticks, picked up a piece of unagi and shoved the whole thing in her mouth. The moral of the story? You guessed it: the Sushi chef at Suki Yaki will try to steal your girlfriend. One last little koan for you: Drinking sake is great. Drinking sake by the glow of arcade games is better. (LB)
  • Sullivan Scoreboard

    205 N. Sullivan Rd. Spokane Valley


    Sullivan Scoreboard’s enormous outdoor playground sets it apart from other bars, complete with a horseshoe pit, volleyball court and stage for live music.
  • The Swinging Doors

    1018 W. Francis Ave. Spokane - North


    Watch your favorite sports team on one of the Swinging Doors’ 60 televisions and get a free steak dinner on your birthday. Does it get any better? It’s a fun atmosphere with games galore and classic pub fare. Order one of their 27 beers on tap on their new, spacious patio. (July 2013)
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  • Syringa Japanese Cafe

    1401 N. Fourth St. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    Syringa serves up sushi so delicious that those who don’t make reservations often find themselves waiting in line. Try the Spice Duck Tataki, a pan-seared, Togarashi-dusted muscovy duck breast served atop a bed of onions and garlic-soy reduction.
  • Thai Ginger

    300 S. Grand Ave. Moscow/Pullman


    If you don’t mind enduring a lack of atmosphere for the sake of brilliant food, then start your voyage to Thai Ginger. The curry and tom yum soups are served in flaming bowls, and the peanut sauce is so delicious that its memory will haunt you for days.
  • The Plantation Bar

    2012 S. Main St. Moscow/Pullman


    The Plantation is where young hicks go to party. The all-wood bar gets packed to the brim with Wrangler-donning young folk who square dance the night away, drinking pitches of pink mystery-booze called the “Plantation Special” on Thursdays. Even if you’re sans cowboy boots, you should expose yourself to the Plant immediately. (TH)
  • The Zzu Bar & Grill

    1525 NE Merman Dr. Moscow/Pullman


    Most days of the week, The ZZU is like any other college bar. But on Tuesdays, it morphs into a frenzy of karaoke, tacos and — get this — $0.50 beers. Skip laundry this week and put your quarters to a more respectable use. (Also, Queen is never a good karaoke choice. Just sayin’.) (TH)
  • Tomato Street

    6220 N. Division Spokane - North


    Pasta, pizza, parmigiana and Pallame are just a few mainstays on Tomato Street’s menu that should get your mouth watering. Voted Best Italian in the Inlander’s Best Of poll, Tomato Street’s lively atmposphere, fun-loving staff and great food make this an ideal place to meet friends or family for a fun meal. The seemingly endless supply of garlic bread doesn’t hurt, either. (July 2013)
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