Philadelphia Soul vs. Spokane Shock Arena Football

After losing the week before to the Arizona Rattlers 60-43 the week before, the Spokane Shock hoped to win their

By Young Kwak

Spokane Shock wide receiver Mike Washington (7) makes a touchdown catch against Philadelphia Soul defensive back LaRico Stevenson (23) during the first half.
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Magic: The Gathering Pro Tour Qualifier

A total of 78 Magic: The Gathering players from around the Northwest converged at downtown Spokane comic book and games

By Chey Scott

Mike Demute, left, and Josh Mound, right, look through their decks during the tournament.
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Artist Devon Plopper

26-year-old Spokane artist Devon Plopper pushes the boundaries of time and detail with her pen-on-paper drawings, last shown at the

The artist holds one of her intaglio prints made in 2013 while studying art at Whitworth University.
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2014: Year in Review

By Young Kwak

Nineteen-year-old Joshuena Williams leads a chant in front of Spokane City Hall during a march and rally after the grand jury decision in death of Ferguson teenager Michael Brown.
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PHOTOS: Terrain - The Space Before The Show

A week before the show, Terrain organizers and volunteers were busy installing art and working the interior of the new

By Young Kwak

A first floor exhibit space is photographed.
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Sasquatch Items On Display

The Yakima Valley Museum exhibits various items linked to Sasquatch, including footprint casts, artwork and books related to the subject.

By Young Kwak

Sasquatch footprint casts and a replica mask from an unknown Native American tribe are on display at Paul Graves' home.
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Training at Sikjitsu

Owned by Rick Little, Sikjitsu, in north Spokane, trains a couple of elite Ultimate Fighting Championship fighters, Julianna Peña and

By Young Kwak

Elizabeth Phillips, right, spars with Ron Nance.
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Haunted Dania Furniture

It is alleged that portions of the 100-year-old Dania Furniture building in downtown Spokane is haunted, especially on the fourth

By Young Kwak, Chey Scott

The Dania building's fourth floor gives a not often seen look into Spokane's past.
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Publisher's Album

It’s been a long and winding road that has led us to this.

By Ted S. McGregor Jr.

We took office space at the Georgetown Building just behind KXLY and started publishing a newspaper. And we’ve literally been going ever since — 1,040 weekly issues since that first one on Oct. 20, 1993. Some have compared it to a merry-go-round that never ends and that you can’t get off of. In this snapshot, I am interviewing the governor. Wait, maybe I’m ordering lunch. Can’t quite remember.
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Photos: Local beekeepers and their hives

This week, Deanna Pan writes about bees, colony collapse and what beekeepers are doing about it. Below are photographs of

By Young Kwak

Olson's Honey Field Supervisor Matthew Shakespear inspects a bee hive frame.
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