Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series presents: GREASE! (3 NIGHTS ONLY!)

ABOUT THE BROWN DERBY SERIES:  For over 20 years Ian Bell's Brown Derby Series has presented "Ridiculously Staged Readings of Your Favorite Screenplays," becoming a Seattle comedy institution with a loyal cult following!  The screenplays are heavily "adapted,"  hastily rehearsed and movie magic is recreated with cardboard props, questionable wigs and plenty of silly string. Director Ian Bell teams up with Seattle's funniest actors to put their warped spin on classic Hollywood screenplays. 

ABOUT THE UPCOMING INSTALLMENT: If you loved GREASE with celebrities in their 20’ and 30’s playing high school teenagers, just wait until the Brown Derby Series presents their Ridiculously Staged Reading with 30 and 40-year-old character actors! How, you may ask, will we get them into those leather pants and tight sweaters...? GREASE IS THE WORD!

Venue Details

  • Re-bar

    1114 Howell Street, Seattle Spokane Valley

    3 events
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