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  • 3rd Wheel

    1634 Main St., Lewiston Moscow/Pullman

    (208) 305-5258

    For-rent event center and concert hall
  • Baby Bar

    827 W. First Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    The Baby Bar is possibly the best dingy, dark, windowless dive bar in town. They reel in a delightful crowd of youngish punks/hipsters/art-types and serve cheap-yet-hard drinks, so consider a cocktail with fresh fruit squeezed right in front of you. They regularly have a live band for cheap, if not free. Also, Baby Bar happens to be connected to Neato Burrito, so there are burritos to satisfy your munchies, as well as poetry night on Wednesdays for you intellectual types. (July 2013)
  • Berserk

    125 S. Stevens St. Spokane - Downtown


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  • The Big Dipper

    171 S. Washington St. Spokane - Downtown

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  • Bobbi's Bar & Grill

    785 C St., Plummer Rural Idaho


  • Bolo's

    116 S. Best Rd. Spokane Valley


    Like a lot of bars in Spokane Valley, this appears to be your usual neighborhood joint. Giant TVs loom above the pool tables. (Wouldn't be a Valley bar without them.) The big difference, though, is the full menu. Go on the weekends for waffles with gravy and a nice-sized pint. (TLM)
  • Boomers Classic Rock Bar & Grill

    18219 E. Appleway Ave. Spokane Valley


    Two things about Boomers Classic Rock Bar & Grill that you need to forget: it’s in a shopping center strip mall surrounded by grassy, empty lots; its next-door neighbor is an unrelated dive bar by the name of the Cum Inn. Once you’ve forgotten this, you’re free to enjoy the kind of place where bands play classic rock every weekend and the burgers are juicy and full-textured. The best seller is the Frankenstein, a burger decked out in fried Spam, fried egg, deep-fried onion, chipotle brown gravy and (says the menu) an ambulance. The Patty Benatar, Mr. Mojo Rising and Sublime burger each come with their own signature extras. (April 2013)

  • Bravo Club Event Center

    25 E. Lincoln Rd. Spokane - North

  • Bucer's Coffeehouse Pub

    201 S. Main St. Moscow/Pullman


    Somehow studying for an English final is more palatable with a latte in hand, hunched over a table at Bucer’s. You might even start up a conversation with that cute co-ed sitting next to you. Good thing Bucer’s also serves up a great selection of microbrews, wine and fabulous desserts. Should that study break turn into a full-blown date, you can swoon to live music most nights and then split a root beer or a Guinness float. (July 2013)
  • The Buzz Pizzeria, Bar and Lounge

    501 S Thor St Spokane - East


    Previously Reboot Coffee Bar, The Buzz Coffeehouse, Bar & Lounge is taking over the space at 501 S Thor St. While your favorite coffee will still be served follow along with us as we make changes to bring in a full service bar as well as small plate foods and some cosmetic upgrades.
  • Calypsos Coffee & Creamery

    116 E. Lakeside Ave., Coeur d' Alene Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    Known for their in-house roasted coffee, Calypsos is often overlooked as an eatery. But the truth is that the coffeehouse serves an awesome sandwich alongside your Americano. A veggie-friendly favorite combines hummus and a pile of fresh sprouts, green peppers and tomatoes. Meat lovers will enjoy a number of grilled paninis. Try a salad, sample the soup of the day, and make sure to finish your meal off with a scoop of Calypsos' soft-serve ice cream (another often-forgotten facet of the coffee shop's menu). (March 2013)
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  • The Cellar

    317 E. Sherman Ave. Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


    This Coeur d’Alene icon has taken wine tasting to a new level with the addition of its Enomatic self-service system. Now oenophiles can samples wine at will with a pre-paid card. An LED display indicates price per pour (1-, 3- and 5-ounce samples) on wines that otherwise, says restaurant manager and wine steward Naomi Boutz, would average $35 to $40 per bottle. Boutz tries to offer similar wines at different price points, heavy on the reds, and switches out a third of the wines weekly. (July 2013)
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  • Checkerboard Bar

    1716 E. Sprague Ave. Spokane - East


    Owners Ian Maye and Chris Wilde have made some big changes to the former Checkerboard Tavern. The bar now features a karaoke machine, covered outdoor patio, and a pizza oven. True to its name, Checkerboard also has a variety of games like pinball machines, dominoes, playing cards, and, of course, checkers. (July 2013)
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  • Clearwater River Casino

    17500 Nez Perce Rd., Lewiston Rural Idaho

    (208) 298-1400

  • Corby's Bar

    2828 W. Seltice Way Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls

  • Crave

    401 W. Riverside Spokane - Downtown


    Formerly Bowl'z Bitez & Spiritz.
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  • Daley's Cheap Shots

    6412 E. Trent Ave. Spokane Valley


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  • The District Bar

    916 W. First Ave. Spokane - Downtown


    The District Bar takes traditional bar food in a new direction, with influences from Executive Chef Gary Evans’ love for Southern cooking and appreciation for local favorites. Think “beef patties smothered in BBQ and bacon, paired with Walla Walla onions.” Think “apple cider and brown sugar pork chops.” Think “beer braised short ribs with horseradish and truffle oil.” The bar also features 42 different beer selections. That might be daunting at first, but you can bite into the tap list by ordering a beer flight ($6) with your choice of five three-ounce draft beers. (Feb. 2013)
  • Eichardt's

    212 Cedar St. Sandpoint


    One of Sandpoint’s best spots for live music and good beer, Eichardt’s has a steady stream of musicians playing blues, honky-tonk or jam band fare, while the taps are updated constantly with new micro and craft brews. The clientele is decidedly athletic — mountain bikers, skiers, snowboarders and other such adventurers — so don’t expect chili fries and football. (July 2013)
  • Fainting Goat Wine Bar

    516 Bank St, Wallace Rural Idaho


  • Fredneck's

    130 W. Emma St. Rockford, Rockford Spokane - South


  • Harrington Opera House

    19 S. Third St., Harrington Rural Eastern WA


  • Hollywood Revolver Bar

    4720 Ferrel St Coeur d'Alene/Post Falls


  • Holy Names Music Center

    3910 W. Custer Dr. Spokane - West


  • House of Soul

    120 N. Wall St. Spokane - Downtown


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