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Helpful numbers to have on hand

Sure, you know to call 9-1-1 for emergencies and your mom for everything else. But just in case Mom doesn't know who to call to report a pothole or a lost pup, we've got you covered.

To report a theft

Spokane County Crime Check456-2233

Kootenai County Non-Emergency208-446-1850

To report graffiti

Spokane 755-CITY

Coeur d'Alene Police Department208-769-2320

To find out when your street will be plowed

Spokane Snow Hotline625-7737, 755-CITY

Coeur d'Alene Snow Line208-769-2233

To report roadkill

Washington State Highways 324-6000

Spokane County 477-3600

City of Spokane 755-2489

Dead Domestic Animals SCRAPS 477-2532

Idaho Roads 208-769-1414

To report a lost animal

SCRAPS Lost Pet Hotline 477-8100

Spokane Humane Society 467-5235

City of Coeur d'Alene Animal Control 208-769-2320

Kootenai County 208-446-1300

Post Falls Animal Safety 208-773-3517

To report animals in distress

for domestic animal cruelty, animals abandoned in hot vehicles, or dangerous dogs

SCRAPS Emergency Line 477-2533


Mount Spokane Veterinary Hospital238-1585

Ponti Veterinary Hospital922-7465

Idaho Animals In Distress Association Hotline 208-367-1026

To report a pothole

Spokane Street Department 625-7733

Coeur d'Alene Street Department208-769-2235

To file a claim after your car has been damaged by a pothole

Spokane County 24-Hour Pothole Hotline 477-2547

To rent a picnic shelter in a local park

Spokane Parks and Recreation 625-6746

Coeur d'Alene Parks 208-769-2252

To make sure you don't dig into electrical wires in your yard

Washington 811 or 800-424-5555

Kootenai County 811 or 800-428-4950

To report a restaurant that made you sick

Spokane Regional Health District 324-1560, ext. 2

Panhandle Health District 208-415-5100


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