You had me at plastic bag of makeup: To the woman that parked her black Yukon next to mine, behind the Starbucks on 57th. I wish I had gotten your number. I wish I had high-fived you or given you an awkward stranger hug. I wish I could send you a friend request on Facebook right now and I wish life wasn't so much sometimes. I didn't do any of that and the opportunity has passed. When I looked away from my flipped down mirror, and put down my makeup kabuki brush, only to see you also applying makeup at warp speed — I tell you, my heart burst. While I hurriedly scrubbed bronzer on the spot I learned from a 15-year-old YouTuber, you - right beside me - held your mouth slightly ajar while attempting to sweep mascara on your dark lashes. I do that too! I fussed around in my car when I noticed you looked over. I didn't know whether to ignore the obvious sign from the universe or make a move. So, when you circled your vehicle to grab something, and I called out my window, "Did we just become best friends?!" What I really meant to say was, 'Hi, I'm Amber, and judging by the greasy kid prints on your back doors, I think maybe we could be mom friends.' But instead I gave you a movie quote, laughed and attempted conversation. When you said "holy shit" to seeing my ziploc bag of makeup and then held up your own ziploc bag of cosmetic essentials... I know it was a sign from the awkwardness fairy that we were meant to be mom friends. In reality this means nothing. Because, so what if I got your number. Maybe we talked about getting coffee or having a play date. Hell, maybe we even high-fived, I'd still be where I am. Oh, yeah, right here, lying in a tiny crib with a toddler, thinking of all the chats we could have in an alternate universe where I prioritized more friend time and self-care. So, to my almost new best friend, I saw you killing it at mascara in the car and rushing off to somewhere in your active wear and brushed hair. *high-five* Maybe I'll see you around sometime.

Blue Eyed Fireman - Valley Safeway 5/31: Every time I close my eyes all I see is the ice-blue color of yours. You were at Safeway with some of your crew. Seemed you were the man in charge; very attractive, tall, fit and wearing baseball hat, I'd say late 40s early 50s. We passed in the produce first, then I saw you pass an isle I had stopped in. We watched each other and I couldn't tell if it was curiosity or something else in your eyes. Just couldn't resist posting this to let you know how you affected me. Odds of running into you again are slim - you seeing this is even slimmer but I had to take a chance.

Haters Gonna Honk: To the student driver who was trying to turn into the Five Mile Pizza lot but the construction fences were in your way. I was the car behind you. I tried to leave enough room that you could back up safely and get yourself straightened out. I was NOT the one honking. It was someone behind me who probably couldn't see what was going on. We were all students drivers once. Try to ignore the impatient people. You're doing great!! Be safe!

Monday Night <3: I saw you at my favourite outdoor venue on 5/28 — You were a vision in crisp blue and I can't stop thinking about your smile. I was looking lazy in a black ensemble but you didnt seem to mind. We laughed about the hilarious Marvin Gaye tunes and enjoyed the peonies and delicious carrot soup. Also, that wine was out of this world! I would love to see you again, soon. Maybe I can buy you a drink next time?

ArtFest Amour: I saw you wandering the aisles of artfest this weekend. We talked about the glass yard art and mused about the interesting combination of music. You looked great in that gray outfit and I was really impressed by your candor. Can we take a stroll in the park again soon?

Belmont Road Belle: To the Belmont Road Belle who drives that road in Mica, early in the morning. A few weeks back the crew I work with disrupted your mornings and afternoons for a few days by delaying you and the little ones you ferry around. Thanks for your patience and good cheer and a bit of conversation that you brought.

Winco Angel: I was loading up my cart, trying to explain to my son that we needed to leave everything there so I could go home and get my card. Between work, nursing school, and raising a kid with special needs I'm a little scatterbrained. That's probably why it took me a moment to understand when the manager told me that you had purchased our groceries for us. You don't have any idea how much that meant. I had the money, but that was our last shopping trip for 2.5 weeks and it's always tight.You are a truly wonderful and unique person, and my son and I will never forget your kindness. Don't worry, we'll pay it forward!

Save us the wind: Last year, this May (thank Facebook memories for reminding me) my husband and I sat next to you and your date on the patio of the South Hill Bennidito's. It was a glorious day. Full sunshine. A beer. A pie. Great conversation. Until you showed up. And proceeded to read the ENTIRE cheers and jeers section aloud (so loudly) — with commentary! The whole time we were trying to relax. Your date seemed used to it. His nods and grunts tell me he's sat through this a few times. But could you please spare the rest of us?

SFCC: The news about SFCC is depressing. In the last Inlander, the article talked about a major sex scandal the previous president knew about. The current president talked about "not coming in with energy and enthusiasm." The faculty president said the faculty have lost trust in the presidents office. What is being done to restore confidence? The president indicates the culture of the college needs to change indicating a continued problem. What is being done about this? The article also says there is a budget crisis and falling student enrollment. Perhaps for the sake of students, a major change needs to occur. What a disappointment to hear of such failures. ♦

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