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What is your favorite bug or insect?


I really don't have a favorite bug or insect. I hate wasps.

Why do you hate wasps?

I think it's because they are so prevalent this year. Our yard is just infested with them even though I've set up traps and everything. I've captured hundreds, maybe thousands of them, I'm pretty good at it. I just hate them, I hate all bugs. Actually, I take that back, I do like dragonflies.


I like stick bugs because when I lived in Japan and I didn't know they had stick bugs there I saw one and it totally freaked me out. But then when I got closer I thought they were actually pretty cool.


My favorite insect is the praying mantis because they look cool and it doesn't bite. We get them in our backyard a lot. Any insect that doesn't bite I'm a fan of, like ladybugs and stuff. A lot of people think they bite but really because their mouth is so small it doesn't do anything and you can't feel it.


I would say praying mantises are probably my favorite just because of the way they look. You know as a kid you're always fascinated by mantises and since I liked them when I was a kid it's kind of stuck with me. They are just a little bit unusual.


So first off, I'm a Buddhist. We try to be nice to all bugs. I like to say that every Buddhist has their own special cup that they use to save bugs, but if I had to pick one that's my favorite it would be the butterfly. I really love them because they are such an amazing reminder of transformation and how we all have the power to change our stories. We can change our own personal narratives and become something beautiful.



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