Shopping & Style

  • Menswear

    Where to dress your dude

  • INSIDER INSIGHT: Celeste Shaw

    An expert shares how to look good in the Inland Northwest

    By Blythe Thimsen

  • SportSwear

    Gear up for playing outside

  • Vintage & Consignment

    Finding treasures from the past

  • Glasses

    When you're ready for a new pair of glasses, these are the places to go

    By Brett Helmbrecht

  • Furniture

    Deck out your home with these alternatives to big-box stores

  • Housewares

    Nine shops with all the decorative accents necessary to make a house a home

  • Insider Insight: Jessica English

    Tips from a local wedding planner

    By Blythe Thimsen

  • Toys & Games

    You're never too old for some play time

  • Hands On

    Local artist Kelsey Jo Johnson's pottery now graces tables across the nation

    By Blythe Thimsen

  • Local Goods: Shopping

    These products make perfect gifts for friends and family; treat yourself to some as well!

    By Brett Helmbrecht

  • Here for the Hustle

    Spokane bagmaker Hustle & Hide has gained a national following for its durable, clean leather designs

    By Chey Scott

  • Don't Miss: Bazaar

    A summer arts & crafts fest bringing together the best

  • Boutiques

    14 reasons to shop small, without sacrificing style

  • Best Of: Shopping

    Inlander readers weigh in on some of the places they like to spend their paychecks

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